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We offer both classroom trainings as well as on-site sessions at any location of your choice. Our highly qualified team of consultants and associates cater to you with fully customized trainings solutions.
  • Small class size
  • Professional instructors
  • Blended learning environment
  • Flexible course schedule
  • On-site & off-site training classrooms
  • Wide selection of multi-discipline course offerings
  • Unique courses customized to your exact needs
  • Employee skills evaluation
  • Cost-effective training programs
  • NADIA Global Training Needs Analysis service

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“A happy and well qualified employee is a stable and productive employee.”

Andrew Dunning, Executive Director of Training

Why Training Is Important and How It Benefits Corporates and Institutions?

Training and Skill Development for your employees is vital to success. It is similar to a successful investment that pays dividends multiple times over. Investing in employees through training and skill development programs demonstrates a company’s commitment in creating a productive business culture. This builds employee loyalty and increases employee motivation. Resulting in better customer satisfaction and leading to increased profitability.

Organizations with a futuristic vision are committed to making training a part of their organizational culture. Continuous and ongoing training translates into:

  • More stable workforce and employee job satisfaction
  • High motivation and morale among employees
  • Increased employee productivity and performance
  • Promotes internal employee advancement
  • Increased efficiencies in processes and adherence to quality standards
  • Well-trained employees help companies achieve long-term profitability
  • Greater capacity to adopt new technologies and methods
  • Increased innovation in strategies and products
  • Enhanced company reputation and profile
“Our training courses are world-class and made in collaboration with the best institutions from around the world.”

Deepak Ahuja, Executive Director of Training

Why NADIA Global?

  • We are market leaders with over 3 decades of experience in workplace skill development.
  • World class training programs offered in association with some of the training industry's leaders from across the globe.
  • Our programs are delivered by subject matter experts with industry experience and in-depth knowledge of their domains.
  • Our training facilities are located across the Emirates in Abu Dhabi, Dubai and Sharjah, offering corporates flexibility in choice of location.
  • Our courses can be customized based on NADIA Global Training Need Analysis and are administered both on-site and at client locations, based on client's choice.
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Banking, Financial Services & Insurance Corporate Training

The Banking, Financial Services & Insurance (BFSI) industry is evolving at a very fast pace especially in the last few years. Training and skill development plays a very important role helping individuals and corporates to keep pace with the changing dynamics of the industry.

NADIA Global Corporate Training arm is pioneering many of the BFSI sector training programs in the UAE, with a vision to eventually take them global. Our endeavors are to bring world-class education and global best practices, which are customized for the Gulf region to address the training needs for this very crucial sector of the Gulf economy.

Our programs are aimed at honing the skills of individuals and prepare them to meet both local and global challenges in the BFSI sector. We offer both classroom trainings as well as on-site sessions at any location of your choice. Our highly qualified team of consultants and associates cater to your needs with fully customized training solutions.

Retail Banking
Cards Payment
Wealth Management
Insurance (Life & Non-Life)


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