NADIA Global is a leading Staffing & Recruitment Agency, Executive Search Firm, Corporate Training Provider, and Accredited Training Institute.

Established in the United Arab Emirates four decades ago, NADIA Global has been instrumental in shaping the recruitment and training industry in the Middle East. With a mission to support employers and job seekers fulfill jobs, augment skills and grow talent, NADIA Global has successfully placed thousands of job seekers into relevant positions across industries, and its training programs have resulted in a pool of highly skilled professionals benefiting employers across the region.

NADIA Global is trusted by numerous SMEs, MNCs, and global companies for its professional services. We are proud to name as our clients some of the best-of-breed companies in the region from both the public and private sectors. Companies engage NADIA Global when they desire to achieve positive change, progressive growth, and a competitive edge.


As leading HR Consultants, we understand the immense value of employing a professionally trained and highly qualified workforce.

We are proud of the rich multicultural diversity of our consultants and their skill sets across human relations, research and planning, leadership and management. Our consultants nurture relationships and care for the long-term success of our clients. NADIA Global guarantees value to its clients by identifying and nurturing exceptionally talented professionals which ensures NADIA Global retains its hard earned reputation as a reliable and trustworthy partner.

Enriching Professional Life

We deliver the highest standards of professional service with a unique combination of management consulting and broad industry expertise.

NADIA Global guarantees value by identifying and nurturing exceptionally talented professionals to ensure that we retain our reputation as your reliable and trusted partner.

We follow our Guidelines of Enrichment to always exceed client expectations:

  • Diversity: Attract first-class human talent from around the world
  • Creativity: Think outside the box and deliver practical solutions
  • Alignment: Place exceptional professionals at great companies
  • Community: Contribute knowledge to society through training
  • Significance: Empower the business world with thought leadership

Message From Our CEO

Welcome to NADIA Global.

For 40 years our dynamic company has provided the Middle East with unparalleled Training, Executive Search and Recruitment services.

We pioneered the hiring and learning industry in the UAE and have since expanded our boundaries throughout the region, cultivating tremendous insights and experience in the process. We are passionate about sharing our expertise with our clients to accelerate their growth and success.

NADIA Global has grown from strength to strength driven by its focus on innovation and unparalleled client service. At NADIA Global we believe that a steady path to success is achieved by consistently delivering great value to our clients.

We are a regional success story that would not have been possible without the loyal support of our clients, our partners, and our world-class team.

This website is a great tool to learn more about who we are and what we do. Please browse our services and let us know how we can help you.

We look forward to working with you.

Ajay Malhotra
Chief Executive Officer of NADIA Global