NADIA Global Recruitment has placed thousands of jobss through its work with businesses and government entities from office assistants, PAs to system engineers, digital marketers, and C-Suite executives. With specialist expertise in the new sectors emerging from the the fourth industrial revolution and the global focus on future technology paths such as AI, space engineering and robotics.

Our multicultural, talented team of recruitment consultants are standing by for you, with a passion to help and the ability to deliver fast, reliable and effective results.

Employer Services
We attract the best talent from around the world and place the right professionals in the right job roles.

Why Use Professional Recruitment?

The major reasons you should consider using a recruitment company are cost, expertise and quality of candidates

In terms of cost, the recruitment process will involve, advertising, background screening, candidate assessment, selection and offer negotiation, which are not always reflected in a cost per hire calculation. By using a dedicated recruiter you will benefit from having a source of expertise that may not be available within your organization while reducing cost and allowing you to focus on your core business.

Our Legacy

Since our formation four decades ago our philosophy of being a market leader through expertise and innovation has seen the organization grow through periods of both turmoil and prosperity in the Middle East. Our ability to offer our clients “state of the art” solutions combined with our expertise and ethical reputation has enabled as to be the focal point for both jobseekers and employers.

Why NADIA Global?

The secret to our success is our people. The average tenure of a NADIA Global Recruitment employee is currently 12 years, which is remarkable given that the market average is 2 to 3 years. This means not only do our clients benefit from an unmatched source of expertise and market knowledge but also the rewards of continuity and in depth knowledge of their organization and its needs.

Our Process

NADIA Global Recruitment has consistently invested in both its processes and people. Our high profile and brand reputation in the region attracts the best talent response while our people are given the tools and training to identify and assess that talent. We place great emphasis on long term relationships with our client base which results in us being able to identify the best and most appropriate talent to fulfill their needs.

UAE Laws and Labour Laws dictate that it is illegal to charge candidates any fees for recruitment services. In accordance with this directive all of NADIA Global’s fees for recruitment services are paid by the employer.